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About Komputers 4 Kids!

Komputers 4 kids, or K4K as it is sometimes referred to, is an initiative to enable access to, or even ownership of computers to those families with people in education who cannot, through no fault of their own, afford to purchase such equipment.

We were founded in the year 2000, and although there was a hiatus when donations dried up, the covid virus meant kids had to learn online instead of attending school. this highlighted the problem that not all families are able to afford computers, laptops, tablets. We ran an initiative that passed on donated laptops to families that needed them, and now the kids are back at school, it was decided to restart Komputers 4 Kids. Working mainly in Shrewsbury, we are hoping to expand as time goes on (see 'how you can help' page)

All our computers are given to recipients free of charge. 


Please feel free to use the Justgiving donation link below to make a cash donation


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