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How you can help

There are various ways that you can help us achieve our aims.

1. Donate your old equipment!

We cannot pass on computers, laptops or tablets to people if we don't actually have any to pass on.... Have you got a computer, laptop or tablet you no longer use? Well the bin men won't take it, so why not pass it on so it can be used again? Rest assured, one of the first things we will do is to completely wipe and reset it so that there is absolutely no data or information left on it. It is then reinstalled or reset with its operating system ready for the recipients to set up to their own liking.

Not everything donated will be able to be reset, however what we cannot refurbish is used for spares, so very little goes to waste! 

2. Start a 'Branch office' in your area

If you have the time, skills and space, why not work with us? Start a group under our name in your area. Please email us to discuss this further if you think it is for you.

3. Donate Financially

Although equipment we give our recipients is donated to us, there are expenses incurred in running the idea, parts.  Any donation is gratefully received, Please use the link below if you can help support us.


Please feel free to use the Justgiving donation link below to make a cash donation.


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